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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Agency Overview

Knight Ink is a content strategy, creation, and influencer marketing agency founded for category leaders and challenger brands in cybersecurity to fill current gaps in content and community management. We help vendors create and distribute their stories to the market in the form of written and visual storytelling drawn from 20+ years of experience working with global brands in cybersecurity. Knight Ink balances pragmatism with thought leadership and community management that amplifies a brand’s reach, breeds customer delight and loyalty, and delivers creative experiences in written and visual content in cybersecurity.

Amid a sea of monotony, we help cybersecurity vendors unfurl, ascertain, and unfetter truly distinct positioning that drives accretive growth through amplified reach and customer loyalty using written and visual experiences.

Knight Ink delivers written and visual content through a blue ocean strategy tailored to specific brands. Whether it’s a firewall, network threat analytics solutions, endpoint detection and response, or any other technology, every brand must swim out of a red sea of competition clawing at each other for market share using commoditized features. We help our clients navigate to blue ocean where the lowest price or most features don’t matter.

We work with our customers to create a content strategy built around their blue ocean then perform the tactical steps necessary to execute on that strategy through the creation of written and visual content assets unique to the company and its story for the individual customer personas created in the strategy setting.

Through community management, Knight Ink provides our activated brands with a community of loyal customers that have a visceral sense of belonging and a network they can interact with in their shared interests of our client’s brand. Knight Ink builds communities of authentic relationships to transition our clients from an everyday brand to a human brand that cares deeply about the community that supports them.

Knight Ink was founded by Alissa Knight, a veteran in the cybersecurity industry with two decades of experience in log and event analysis, penetration testing, and incident response and forensics. Using her experience in these operational roles, she’s able to tell a unique story for clients that allows them to prove the efficacy of cybersecurity solutions in their storytelling that engages, educates, and inspires their customers.