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Our Creative Services

Content without a strategy is simply just disjointed content whose success can’t truly be measured effectively. Before creating content, you must know who you’re creating content for, who the the target audience is; the problem it’s going to solve that coaches and educates them on how to identify and address it; what makes your blue ocean content uniquely yours; the content format, whether its infographics, videos, or short- or long-form written content; the different channels in different formats it will be published to; and how it’ll be managed.

Knight Ink defines, documents, and maintains this strategy with clients so as content is created and distributed, it can be effectively measured through to successful outcomes.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 62% of your decision makers now make their purchase decisions off of custom content. Content marketing brings in 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less. The fact of the matter is, ads don’t work. To change behavior, people must first be engaged through written or visual experience relevant to them and their problems.

At the end of the day, your customer doesn’t care about you or your product, they care about their problem and how you’ll solve it.

Knight Ink provides content creation services around topic ideas created during the content strategy meetings that appeals to our client’s unique buyer personas through written or visual content around those ideas accessible through long- or short-form written content, video, infographics, or other formats.

The content we create provides useful information to your specific audience, proving the efficacy of your solution through demonstrated, hands-on attack labs and other forms of empirical data that will attract new leads and retain existing customers through quality written and visual experiences.

Customer loyalty isn’t bred through commoditized features, such as lower pricing and more capabilities than your competitors. It’s bred through a feeling of loyalty to the brands they do business with. This loyalty is created through a sense of belonging to a community and a network of others they can share your brand’s experiences with.

Cybersecurity vendors are seeing community building as a strategic imperative and absolutely critical to building and maintaining enduring customer loyalty. By building authentic relationships among their customers, long-term relationships are formed with customers as the brand transitions to a human brand that cares deeply about the customers that support and interact with them.

Knight Ink works with clients to define the appropriate types of communities for the brand, creating a community management strategy, defining best practices, and acting as community managers to measure and update the community strategy as customer shared experiences evolve over time.

Knight Ink is hired by our activated brands as community managers to set the tone, voice, and human element behind their brand, transforming them from an everyday brand to a human brand that provides unique customer experiences at a visceral level.