Technical Copywriting

The objective of Knight Ink’s technical copywriting team is to leverage our team’s credibility and influence in cybersecurity to get your audience to continue along their journey in the buying cycle then continuing to produce evergreen content for them that keeps them engaged and renewing year over year.

Cybersecurity Copywriters

While you can throw a rock and hit someone that can write a white paper for you, finding a copywriter who has the “street creds” to speak to a technical and non-technical audience on the arcane product areas of the cybersecurity market is difficult to find.

It’s absolutely critical that your content engages your audience at every single touchpoint with evergreen, unique, sexy content that impacts them at a visceral level that’s on brand, on budget, and on-time. Most importantly, it needs to be written by copywriters who know the target audience intimately — understanding their needs, wants, and challenges.

Knight Ink’s team of copywriters have deep domain expertise as blue team and red team practitioners who’ve also held senior leadership roles in cybersecurity, from Director-level positions to Chief Information Security Officers.

The material our copywriters produce is at-scale consistency that includes case studies, brochures, website copy, product guides, white papers, and eBooks with the objective for the reader to action on their decision to purchase. To do this effectively, our team holds a very deep understanding of our clients’ target audience, such as their motivations, fears, doubts, and buying objections.

The different areas of cybersecurity that our clients’ products solve is not easily articulated to non-techincal audiences, such as the less technical CEOs and a Board of Directors. However, our team has expertise in communicating these more arcane subjects to both technical and non-technical audiences to better understand the threat landscape and challenges our clients’ solutions solve.

Whether you’re in need of a white paper for lead generation, a video that tells a cinematic story on the challenges your product solves, or trying to get CISOs to change their mind on the necessity of buying a product like yours as a need-to-have, we’ve optimized our production process to efficiently create high caliber content that moves your audience along the path to purchase.

Explaining Your Why

It was Simon Sineck who said, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

One of the fundamentally most important aspects of the content Knight Ink creates for its clients is our ability to articulate why CISOs and other decision makers need our clients’ product.

In 2019, Knight Ink set out to disrupt the boring, “me too” content that has historically been published by vendors in cybersecurity that incessantly talks about the company, what the product does, and how it does it. As former CISOs and SecOps team members ourselves, we know that kind of content is not what buyers are looking for.

Buyers want to see, hear, and feel at a visceral level, why they need a product when they have a growing list of other solutions they need to budget for. They need to understand why, all of a sudden, after decades of buying the same product category solutions, they need to now budget for something they don’t think is a necessity. This is where Knight Ink’s craft particularly excels.

Our team of copywriters take a unique approach to content by creating a new narrative through the lens of the adversary, proving the efficacy of security products by showing what can happen if a company doesn’t have that solution in place using empirical data and written and visual content.


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