Film Production

Film production at Knight Ink is the process by which a film for our clients is made. Filmmaking involves a number of complex and discrete stages including the initial story that our clients want us to tell through film. Then it continues through screenwriting to shooting, then sound recording, pre-production, and finally editing using a variety of technologies and cinematic techniques.

Film Production

The films we create are designed to tell our client’s story that explains through our unique, adversarial lens why buyers need their solution. This visual storytelling is meant to affect buyers at a visceral level that can only be done through film.

Knight Ink works with our clients to storyboard out their unique why that the film should show, uniquely demonstrating the efficacy of our client’s product through the vantage point of an attacker that proves the efficacy of the product so buyers can be given empirical data that the product does what the marketing material says it does.

Our team works closely with our clients to create that storyboard, then, using Hollywood-grade cinema cameras such as Blackmagic Design cinema cameras, DZOFilm cinema lenses, Davinci Resolve for editing, and Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D for animation, our production team produces cinematic films that only Knight Ink can create making our content the most successful marketing campaigns our clients have run.

Whether it’s the View from the Attacker series of episodes for our client Illusive that plays out the story of a Ransomware gang targeting a company and how deception technology prevented the breach to SentinelOne’s Ranger that prevented the breach of a bank through the CCTV cameras in the parking lot, Knight Ink creates stories that delights and engages our clients’ buyers that only Knight Ink can create.

Knight Ink is the only film production studio singularly focused on the cybersecurity industry with the braintrust of former hackers and defenders to be able to produce these unique kind of films.

Trailers for White Papers

Whether it’s a miniseries of episodes or a trailer for a white paper, the purpose of any content, visual or written, is to convert leads into loyal customers. Today’s generation of buyers want a 1-2 minute reason for why they should spend time downloading and reading a long white paper or eBook. The days of buyers randomly downloading and reading 30-page white papers without being given the story behind it are gone.

Knight Ink produces cinematic trailers for the white papers we publish, influencing more readers through views that summarizes the white paper in a short 1-2 minute film leaving the viewer to want to download and read the white paper for the whole story told in a way that only Knight Ink can tell.


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