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Our Process

Step 1: Content Strategy

The first step to creating a content marketing program is to plan and define the strategy lest the program become derailed from its objective. Knight Ink works closely with clients to define the tone and how it will promote the brand’s content to eventual repurpose by first setting the content goals, creating buyer personas, relying on the buyer’s journey, performing a content audit, choosing the right content formats, promoting the content, then eventually repurposing it.

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Step 2: Content Creation

Content creation should first begin with SEO research when creating buyer personas that will provide ideas about what topics your buyers care the most about and what questions the audience might have. SEO research provides search volumes of specific keyword phrases determining whether it’s worth investing in the creation of content around it. Next, ideation is performed, brainstorming content ideas that are eventually turned into topic clusters that become pillar pieces that cover the topics in much greater depth. Smaller, ancillary pieces are created around them, such as infographics, blog posts, and templates that help the audience take a deeper dive into the specific topic. The final step is the actual writing, which results in publishing the content pieces to the numerous appropriate channels.

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Step 3: Content planning, analysis, and creation

Once the content exists everywhere, its success relies on the brand’s ability to adapt it to the medium where it lives from social media properties to the web site and blog, which is defined by the content plan. Knight Ink works with brands to ensure a content plan is created that defines the adaptation strategy and finally, arguably the most important step, the analysis of the content for measuring metrics that includes page views, organic traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates, engagement rates, and audience growth.

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